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My name is Andy, and I’ve been making Miis for fun since 2006, attempting to make convincing versions of celebrities, cartoon characters, puppets, and more. I’ve gone by the handles Andy Anonymous, AgeEighty, and AgeEight-E on the web and the Nintendo Network.

A Mii is a kind of avatar that can be created on Nintendo consoles, including the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. Miis can serve as personal avatars, but you can make almost anyone or anything you want with them, and have them appear in various games either as part of the action or on the sidelines. Some popular games that have featured Miis prominently are Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Tomodachi Life, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

Many gamers don’t see the big deal about Miis, believing them to be crude and simplistic. I understand where they’re coming from: A lot of people don’t put much work into making their Miis look convincing. Even Nintendo themselves don’t help matters, as they seem to prefer cartoonish, rather uninspired faces even in their official Miis.

However, because the Mii Maker software gives a lot of freedom with where to place the various facial features and how to size and scale them, with a bit of creativity and effort it’s possible to produce some fairly impressive results. I hope you’ll agree after browsing this site: I’ve made a wide assortment of celebrity Miis, historical Miis, movie and TV character Miis, and more, and I like to think I’ve done justice to the characters I’ve re-created.

To begin with such a relatively limited palette of cranial geography and come up with an instantly recognizable version of someone is a challenge I’ve found consistently rewarding ever since the release of the Nintendo Wii. During the years since, many of my Miis have been copied by others online, with some unfortunately even taking credit for themselves for the work I (and others) have done. I even saw my Austin Powers one used on a printed flyer at a GameStop once… though I mostly took that as a compliment!

My earliest Miis posted to the web included my Michael Jackson Mii and my Zombii, posted to now defunct site miilikewii.com. When the Check Mii Out Channel launched on the Wii in late 2007 and I noticed that a whole lot of people had posted and taken credit for my Zombii themselves—seriously, people, it wasn’t even that good—that’s when I got involved in the online Mii community and started posting the rest of what I’d made.

If my gallery interests you, you may like what else you find at MiiCharacters and GamerCreated, which I’ve linked below. There have been a lot of other great Mii makers over the years, including Bobby Bobby, Atkafighter, rababob, celery, KingZombie, Ajay, Toon&Anime, Roxii, isic, Tocci, D.Maria, Papi No Copy, and a host of others. Sadly, many of them have stopped contributing new Miis since the late oughts, but myself and a few others are still at it. Maybe that says something about my attention span. Who knows?

Feel free to download and copy my Miis to use in whatever way you like. You can scan the Mii QR codes on each Mii page directly with your 3DS or Wii U to copy them into your system automagically. All I ask is that if you re-post them somewhere else, please don’t take credit for them. These Miis took time and effort to make.

Be sure to check back on a regular basis, as I’m still actively producing Miis and posting them here from time to time. If you’re a Twitterer, you can follow this site’s Twitter account to get updates on new Miis when they’re posted. If you’d like to request a specific Mii from me or just want to give me feedback, feel free to visit the Contact page; I’d love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy my collection!

Mii Links

  • MiiCharacters — A huge site with thousands of user submitted Miis to browse, searchable by category and keyword (including most of my own). Created and maintained by Tocci.
  • GamerCreated — Formerly MiiPlaza.net. Another giant site with thousands of user submitted Miis, along with comments, profiles, and a forum. Once the number one Mii site where all the best Mii makers posted, now it’s mostly dead. Created and maintained by Jose Nintendo.
  • /r/tomodachilife — The subreddit for the 3DS game Tomodachi Life. This thread and others are for finding and exchanging QR codes for Miis for this game.
  • /r/MiiQuest — Subreddit for requesting specific Miis from the reddit community.
  • Nintendo — The company who’s to blame for all this. It’s needless to say I’m a fan, and I think you should buy all their products. They created Miis, the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS, but this fan site is not otherwise affiliated with them.
  • AndyTatnall.com — My main site, where I post sporadic blog articles and link to other projects I’ve worked on.